Mission Increasing the quality of life in the society by continually carrying out education and service projects in order to contribute to the development of children and young people. To ensure that children protect themselves against abuse and violence by raising awareness of children’s rights through taking on children’s rights advocacy as a mission.

Vision To be an institution with a culture of human rights and democracy, carrying out works that increase the quality of human development in the society by raising generations who are in peace with themselves and others.

YORET Foundation aims to promote children’s rights and non-violent communication through projects, educational activities and programs for children, parents and professionals who work with them. The foundation contributes to the development of civil society and the volunteer culture by supporting children’s and young people’s participation with its Young Volunteers Club. It contributes to the growth of peaceful individuals in child, family and school settings by tackling issues such as Promotion of right to legal remedies and the democracy culture, in line with children’s rights, Increasing children’s and young people’s participation, Prevention of violence and discrimination against children, Gender equality, Respect for diversity, Peaceful environments and peaceful communication, Child-friendly areas and schools, Implementation and advocacy of children’s rights.